NHS Low Income Scheme Medical Testing

Understanding The Rules And Codes Of The NHS Low Income Scheme

NHS Rules For Low Income Scheme

The NHS is celebrated for being one of the more accessible health services in the world.

This is partly down to the NHS low-income Scheme (LIS).

This scheme offers financial support for test services and medical testing including dental, eye care, travel costs, wigs, and prescriptions.

The application and certification process for low-income support can be a confusing and daunting. This applies especially to those already struggling with illness and disability. The source of this confusion comes down to the different coded forms and certificates. These include the following:

  • HC1 form for applying for help
  • HC2 certificate for full help
  • HC3 certificate for partial help
  • HC5 forms D, O, T and W for refunds.
  • FP57 form for prescription refunds.
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