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About Us

ElectrifyingCareers.com serves the public by providing helpful information regarding careers in regulated utilities, medical testing, and issues for people living with disabilities.

Health Services for The Mentally and Physically Challenged

The government provides a wide variety of medical and social services. The range of services they offer is wonderful.

It is the responsibility of the federal government  and social care centers to assist physically challenged people and ensure they are comfortable in their own home.

The government maintains relationships with many health organizations and mental health care providers, but in many cases, patients are not even aware of their rights and privileges under the law.

Many health centers provide online services and information re. how to deal with anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug dependency and eating disorders.  You can get access to these services (often for free) through the government’s online referral system.

The government also offers an in-depth guide to mental health services that not only directs you to services in your area, but can also help a patient understand their mood and state of mind. The government provides these services for FREE and at a subsidized low cost for low-income citizens to take advantage of medical tests, too.

Medical Testing Services

There are several types of tests available for patients such as the blood test, STD testing,  and drug/employment tests.

You can get accurate information about all medical tests on this website, too.