Action Plans For Mental Health

Creating Heath Action Plans For The Mentally Disabled

Mental Health Action Plans For The Mentally Disabled

The accessibility of health services in the UK for the mentally challenged is a problem that the government is keen to address.

The problem is that patient concerns go beyond that, and it can be difficult for patients to focus on the right direction for their healthcare needs.

There are also concerns over the attitudes of staff, as some feel that they will not get the treat with respect or listened to. Others may not have the awareness that such help is available to them.

Creating A Health Program For The Mentally Challenged

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The sad truth is that physically challenged people with learning difficulties are 58 times more likely to die before the age of 50.

This could be reduced with appropriate care and accessible services.

However, patients with learning difficulties often have difficulties articulating their problems and getting the right help.

This is where the Health Action Plan comes in.

In 2002, the department of health put out a booklet on creating a Health Action Plan for people with learning disabilities.

This came under a Valuing People initiative with subtitle “a new strategy for learning disability for the 21st century”.

The progressive idea was that all adults with learning difficulties should give a personal health care plan.

The plan would personalize medical needs, help them to articulate problems and allow them to seek help with appropriate health services.

This program can obtain through a health facilitator, such as a support worker or carer.

It All Starts With A Visit To The Doctor

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Mentally challenge patients will invite to attend a check-up with their GP. Here they will be examined and can talk to the doctor about certain areas of healthcare and helpful health services. Recent guidelines from the University of Hertfordshire’s Intellectual Disability and Health sector state that doctors should address the following.

  • Determine a list of current health problems
  • Review the diagnoses that the patient has previously received
  • Perform a physical check
  • Offer a dental review
  • Review medication
  • Address health promotion needs
  • Ensure that vaccinations are up to date
  • Talk about infection control

The university has also compiled a series of concerns that healthcare providers must address to deal with the needs of the patient. This include:

  • fears over the procedures and the potential for pain
  • worries that doctor may force them to take pills or visit the hospital
  • fears that they will not understand what they are being told
  • concerns about having family members or carers present.

Following the creation of the Health Action Plan, it was also decided that anyone with learning difficulties over the age of 18 should receive annual check-ups.

There needs to be an excellent balance between the input of the medical professional and the disabled patient

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Doctors and specialists must act in best interests of the patient to provide the best testing, treatment options, and other support. At the same time, the final choices in health services and goals must be determined by the patient. They know what issues are bothering them the most, where they want to be in life and who they have to support them. It is simply up to the doctors to fill in the gaps and provide the tools and health services.

This is why a Health Action Plan is broken into three sections. There is the area of need (the issue that must be tackled).The proposed action and the person providing the support. The plan covers basic physical health, such as diet and exercise, specific plans for personal health problems and measures for mental health. Social interaction, support, and hobbies are just as important in this plan as doctor visits. Once a Health Action Plan has been finalize, two copies are developed – one for the doctor and one for the patient.

Patient plans are often pull up in a simple, illustrative way so that patients can read and understand it themselves. This means large text, simple language, and helpful pictures.The original 2002 plan states that it may also be possible to have  a copy of  the tape for patients to listen to. This could be tricky to hear to today.

The Health Action Plan is all about progression and communication

It can be difficult for the mentally disable to move forward in a clear, positive manner.  And access all the health services they require. Health Action Plan offers ways  to gain confidence and control over health decisions in a friendly, appealing and supportive manner.

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