Work Capability Assessments Medical Testing

How To Prepare For Your Work Capability Assessment For ESA

Medical Testing Work Capability Assessment

The Work Capability Assessment is one of the medical testing services carried out by the Health Assessment Advisory Service. This assessment is mandatory for all disabled claimants filling in the ESA50 form. If you don’t go, the DWP will automatically take it as a sign that you are fit to work and cancel the claim. This is a stressful process for the claimant, so it is important to understand precisely how this system works.… Read More

NHS Low Income Scheme Medical Testing

Understanding The Rules And Codes Of The NHS Low Income Scheme

NHS Rules For Low Income Scheme

The NHS is celebrated for being one of the more accessible health services in the world.

This is partly down to the NHS low-income Scheme (LIS).

This scheme offers financial support for test services and medical testing including dental, eye care, travel costs, wigs, and prescriptions.

The application and certification process for low-income support can be a confusing and daunting. This applies especially to those already struggling with illness and disability. The source of this confusion comes down to the different coded forms and certificates. These include the following:

  • HC1 form for applying for help
  • HC2 certificate for full help
  • HC3 certificate for partial help
  • HC5 forms D, O, T and W for refunds.
  • FP57 form for prescription refunds.
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STD Medical Testing

How To Access Free, Confidential STD Testing In The UK

Medical Testing Of  STD

Accessibility to UK medical testing is important for all low-income groups and vulnerable users.

This is particularly the case for a subject as complicated and severe as sexual health.

It is important that every sexually active individual receives frequent STD testing and guidance, especially if they suspect there is a problem. Unchecked diseases can be damaging and infectious.

Thankfully, UK services are here to offer quick, confidential tests in a range of facilities.

STD Testing In The UK Is Free, Accessible And Simple

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NHS Health Check Medical Testing

The NHS Health Check: What Patients Need To Know

The NHS Health Check

The NHS refer to the NHS Health Check as a “midlife MOT”. While this may not be the most flattering of terms, it isn’t the worse analogy. These UK checks are carried out every five years to help patients keep track of their vascular and circulatory health.

They are provided to adults aged 40 to 74. The aim of these check-ups is simple: to provide appropriate medical testing and offer support on the next step for prevention and cure. Patients with existing vascular conditions will not be called in for these test as they should be working with specialists. The idea of a medical MOT can be daunting to those that are worried about family medical history or

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Blood Medical Testing

A Guide To NHS Blood Test Services

NHS Blood Test Services

Blood Testing is a simple, everyday procedure that most people will have to go through at some point in their lives.  Whether it’s to check your glucose level, to find out your cholesterol level or as a follow-up when someone is suspected of unfairly passing a hair drug test, taking a blood sample is more common than ever.

In some cases, GPs may simply refer patients straight to the practice nurse to take a quick sample. Other times they may be asked to come back at a convenient time for more specific testing.

Blood testing is vital for ruling out health problems and checking for underlying symptoms.  The blood test procedure itself is usually pretty quick, simple and painless.

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